I'm fine, not for who

I began to be afraid to face the things, the time tunnel trance change. I began to come to face something, in this huge crowds of the city embroidery logo.

Zhang Xiaosan on the phone said "there was honey, you've changed", I was silent. Our quiet for a long time, in the telephone there for a long time, finally I still hangs up the phone. This is one of the rare occasions I hang up the phone to Zhang Xiaosan, without hesitation. Press the red button mobile phone display. After hanging up the phone, I stood in front of the mirror, look in the mirror. This is almost no makeup face, suddenly, could not help but cry.

In fact, I have not changed, but also really changed.

Consider this to me, I felt suddenly discover, originally I and schoolmate Zhang Xiaosan has one year and eleven days no see. And this is Zhang Xiaosan students in recent days the second call, the last two days, Eve night. The funny thing is, Zhang Xiaosan students forget the eve night he had called me, so I may know what is going on, Zhang Xiaosan often are, like father often drunk yelling at me, after the forgotten two net. In fact, in the two or three day to two times between me and Zhang Xiaosan students, it is a piece of very unbelievable things. Because of this, we call the number is probably refers to the number of ten. Zhang Xiaosan students said, the best of friends, but also just so cloud. Though, the heart will not hurt. But, as for so long, for so long, read for so long, finally, I still deceive oneself and others. So the numb feeling, let me in the night feel a bit sad.

"When take an oath devoutly, if not abandon, do not leave. But, I was with my stubborn, do a day high proundhearted woman.

When I make this decision, I suddenly want to tell Yan Yaner, told Cheng Cheng, I'm not sorry for myself. It was in the early days, I did not leave his time, Yan Yaner had a serious warning me, absolutely not to. Think of the facial expression and tone that Yan Yaner, at this moment I feel cold, suddenly feel very warm. Dear Yan Yan, I did not go, do not go, this time, I finally cruel decided, take care of yourself.

Dear Yan Yan, I in January 2, 2014 night, missing you.

I put the computer bag, sitting in the KFC restaurants two floor in a daze, looking at the street car to car to see the bustling, crowded city, watching the people come one after another, the heart very quiet. Open the computer, knocked half word, computer has no electricity, I moved to Vancouver square Dicos. It is really two, Kendl Jyri know not plug, but went to, result finally in a place. A few days ago, he said I was to Dicos inside mixed WiFi, okay, if it means this.

Recently, there has been a lot of change the day, whether it is work, life, or the mood. For example, I always offered when accidentally flawless. For example, I seem to be more positive and more persist in one's old ways. For example, the relationship between me and my sister like near a lot of. For example, etc CCIBA..

In fact, when the social change in the non-stop, when life also make a hurried journey without stop change, each of us, how might look like the original, the original idea, the original we.

I'm Yan Xiaoting, although not very good, is not you, but, I have my pride. So I, not for anyone to hurt yourself, betray principles. Thank you, coming all the way to support my dear, let me can in any case, with unflinching courage.
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